The creators of Michele watches present

An independent watchmaker that embraces the traditions, quality and

spirit of luxury watchmakers at an approachable price

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The Ace

The new diamond classic

76 diamonds

Ethically sourced and

conflict free

Sapphire crystal

Cut and shaped by diamonds,

this glass is highly resistant and


Interchangeable straps

High quality Italian leather

Mother of pearl dial

Naturally sourced and individually

selected for their unique

iridescent quality

35mm case

Perfect size for any wrist

Swiss movement

Assembled in Switzerland with the

technical support of master



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Your personal touch

Customize your JACY watch with one of our Italian leather straps

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Modern luxury

Modern luxury

We built JACY for the woman that knows:

Luxury is more for less

Luxury is rewarding yourself

Luxury is experience not exclusivity

Conflict free diamonds

Conflict free diamonds

We ethically source the finest stones

to ensure you feel great about your watch

both inside and out

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